Why do lights flicker when dimmer is all the way up? Mar 09

There are a number of reasons why your lights may flicker when the dimmer is set to the highest setting.


It is usually caused by the dimmer. Different lamps may require specific types of dimmers for adjustment. If the lamp does not match or is not compatible with the LED dimmer, the light will not remain stable at the highest brightness, resulting in flickering. with fluctuations 200W dimmable led driver

There are also power issues: When the power supply is insufficient, the brightness of the lights may fluctuate or flicker.


Insufficient dimmer load capacity: Some dimmers may not be able to effectively handle high power loads at maximum brightness, which may result in the dimmer being unable to maintain a stable current output, causing the light to flicker.


In addition, loose wires in the connection circuit will also cause the lights to flicker. Check the circuit and reconnect the loose parts to achieve normal dimming effect.


Low-quality LED dimmers and dimmable LED drivers can cause lights to flicker, whether due to cheap parts or sub-par design. Low-quality dimmers and LED drivers fail to provide proper power to your fixtures. will cause the lights to flicker 5 in 1 dimmable constant voltage led driver

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